About Us

We're ambitious entrepreneurs with decades of experience in all levels of corporate IT with multiple wells of expertise to draw from.

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About Us

The Best Hardware - since 2003

We’ve been following the PC hardware market for two decades and have been building all of our customer machines by hand since day one. They’re better, they’re faster, and we believe in our products.  From your workstation for video editing, your office server, or your gaming powerhouse – we’ve done it all.

Our History

Serving Central Georgia

The beginnings of our company were extremely humble. Previously known as Oxley Performance Computers, LLC -and founded by Matt Oxley of Eastman, GA – I have been providing IT services and computer repair to local businesses since it was just a high school hobby. Turns out, that’s what I enjoy. 

Since 2014 we’ve been providing managed services as an option for our business clients, and now those small businesses are the focus of what we do every day. It’s been incredible to be a part of the growth of our clients. 

In 2021 the decision was made to offer only business services in order to focus more on those clients – so we needed to find a name that fit. The needs of small businesses have become increasingly complex and small businesses are more prone to a cyberattack now than any time in the past – we have an AMBITIOUS vision.

Our Value

IT’s more than a name. IT’s a promise.

Ambitious is our approach to business, and it’ll be our approach to yours too.

We want to make world class IT services accessible, affordable, and reliable for small businesses on any budget - so that they can focus on what they do best: Drive the economy!

We follow industry standard best practices for IT, including ITIL v4 and NIST 8.0 guidelines, data redundancy, and we provide our clients with great computers and networks to get their work done on. We're the last company you'll need to call about your IT needs.

AMBITIOUS is the only way to describe what we do:

Full Stack IT services with a white glove approach to every client. 

Helping Business With Technology since 2004

We know how frustrating it is when your computer crashes and it completely destroys your workflow, and how frustrating it is to try and build your own website (we built this one), and we know you don’t know what computer you should buy, or which router is the best for your use case….and WHY SHOULD YOU? 

We understand that most businesses can’t afford to have an IT person on their payroll, if that’s you – we’re the perfect fit and have experience in dozens of verticals that we’ll put to work for you.